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We are wired to share stories, especially those that bind us to others. Support groups create those valuable strands of connection through shared experiences and learning. Online support groups facilitated by Manah’s team of psychologists and wellbeing experts create a safe and supportive environment for corporate teams and employees to connect over common issues — anxiety, burnout, grief, worry, stress, loneliness — and find positive solutions together. Over time, this helps individuals and teams heal faster, develop solidarity and shared values, and to forge deeper relationships with each other.

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How does it work?

At the group support sessions, Manah’s team uses four science-backed steps to lower barriers, create trust, and foster solution-oriented empathic conversations among the group. The four steps: 1. Observe: Identify pain points 2. Analyse: Question thoughts, feelings, and behaviours 3. Modify: Learn how to ‘dump the bad stuff’ 4. Accept: Figure out what you can control and change Note: Participants can always re-attend a support group or sign up for another one..!


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About Manah Wellness

Manah Wellness is a B2B Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Services provider that helps organisations


Provides preventive, proactive, and personalised solutions for employees’ emotional and mental health, wellness, and professional growth


Enables HR managers and corporate leaders to make more informed decisions with aggregated and anonymous data


Empowers employees to track, assess, and understand their wellbeing, and how it changes over time


Builds capacity within the organisation and delivers a 20% increase in engagement and utilisation rates.