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Wellbeing Challenges for High-performance Teams

Sustained performance requires constant self-motivation — which, as individuals, we have in limited supply. Sooner or later, everyone hits a ‘fatigue wall’. Want to flag off a massive wellbeing wave at your organisation? Try one of our Corporate Wellbeing Challenges today!

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Types of Corporate Wellbeing Challenges

Manah offers two types of Corporate Wellbeing Challenges: Self-care and Team-building. Each 20-day Challenge is split into 4 modules of 5 days each. You can sign up for the entire 20-day challenge, or opt for an individual module!

Corporate Self Care Wellbeing Challenge

This challenge is all about learning the ropes of self-care through 4 critical elements. Breathing: Harness the healing power of mindfulness and reflection. Moving: Use varied movements to improve mood, health, and resilience Expressing: Learn how to unblock your mind’s expression pathways. Sharing: Put your feelings into words and share them with others.

Corporate Team Building Wellbeing Challenge

Team-building challenges impart key skills for improving individual and group performance. Communication: Pick up the tools of unambiguous, sensitive communication. Collaboration: Learn how teams can work together in mission mode to achieve common goals. Resilience: Condition your mind to withstand the daily pressures of life and work. Problem-solving: Learn to solve problems with creativity and focus.

About Wellbeing Challenges

Manah enables organisations to drive through this wall and build healthy, resilient, and high-performing corporate teams, at scale, through gamified Wellbeing Challenges. 

Our Wellbeing Challenges allow people to learn science-backed self-care and team-building skills in a gamified atmosphere, with friendly competition and rewards to sustain participation, engagement, and excitement. 

April Wellbeing Challenges

When was the last time a school or college taught you important life skills – you know, the stuff that really matters, like how to have healthy relationships, acquire high self-confidence, or overcome failure? Skills that equip us to deal with life’s ‘googlies’ aren’t always taught in classrooms. But don’t worry; Manah Wellness has you covered. We’re launching yet another Manah Wellness Challenge to accelerate your inner growth journey with life-changing tools, skills, and insights. Our April Wellness Challenge (April 4-22) will cover three critical skills that will help you Power Up in your personal and professional life: Join us this April to get started!

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Skill 1: Make the way (April 4-8)

Decision-making ; Become a rational and effective decision-maker; learn about confirmation bias, halo effect, etc.

Our awesome features
Skill 2: Find the way (April 11-15)

Problem-solving Learn how to define problems and explore and test out different types of solutions

Our awesome features
Skill 3: Lead the way (April 18-22)

Resilience Adapt better to challenges using humour, optimism, patience and ‘big-picture’ thinking

April Wellbeing Challenge

It’s Time to Power Up!

Building a Culture of Wellbeing at Your Organisation

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The Definitive Guide to Employee Wellbeing

The Definitive Guide to Employee Wellbeing

This exhaustive guide will introduce you to workplace wellbeing strategies and tools that you can use to build a holistic programme that is scientific, proactive, and preventive, and which enables your team to thrive.

How a comprehensive well-being programme works

A systematic approach to promote employee wellbeing at work

Common mistakes made by organisations on the well-being journey

Ensuring your wellness programme’s stickiness in the long run


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