Client: An integrated business park developer Challenge faced: Introducing mental health as a topic of conversation in the workplace GAR, a Hyderabad-based commercial real estate developer, was keen on building an "open-minded and transparent" culture that facilitates conversations about mental health. However, there were two obstacles to be crossed -- the conservative nature of the industry and the high stress faced by employees due to the pandemic. Manah Wellness supported GAR with multiple interventions to deal with these obstacles: by training Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions within GAR's workforce; organising wellbeing webinars and support group meetings; and offering one-on-one consultations with Manah's psychologists, to name a few. By creating several avenues for people to share their thoughts and empathise with each other in a non-judgmental environment, Manah was able to engineer the mindset shift towards mental health that GAR was seeking to achieve. To know more, please download the client journey below.

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