Wellbeing Ambassadors

Not everyone has a confidante at work -- someone who listens to your problems with empathy, sensitivity, and zero judgement. But that someone can make a HUGE difference. Wellbeing Ambassadors are your first line of defence against mental and emotional health issues at the workplace. They are not psychologists or therapists; they are regular employees equipped to provide emotional health support to colleagues in distress with science-backed tools and a humane touch.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors at Your Workplace

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Why Companies Need Wellbeing Ambassadors

Employee wellbeing has become the #1 people-related priority for leaders today. But even as your company invests in wellbeing initiatives, you need to know: a) which individuals or teams need help the most; and b) how you can help them overcome hesitation or stigma and access the help they need. 

Wellbeing risks can stem from complex physical, mental, social or financial factors, and they are often hard to spot. Therefore, it’s not always possible for HR managers to address these risks before they begin to affect key metrics like engagement, productivity, or happiness. 

That’s where Wellbeing Ambassadors help.  

Ambassadors address a fundamental challenge with workplace wellbeing initiatives: the top-down approach. Ambassadors are part of the community, and therefore, are ideally placed to become your organisation’s first responders to any emotional health crisis. In essence, wellbeing ambassadors become the emotional anchors of these communities.

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Welcome to a Community-Based Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Ambassador programme is a 16-hour programme designed by Manah to help companies create communities of emotionally resilient employees. A subset of this programme is our four-hour Wellbeing Champion programme. Both programmes enable employees to identify and address signs of emotional distress in their colleagues and team-mates through a 5 stage process to deliver emotional health support: which we call ‘Approach’, ‘Attend’, ‘Assess’, ‘Assist’ and ‘Advocate’. Using this approach, the Ambassadors or Champion takes remedial action promptly and sensitively so that the distressed person receives the help they need.

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Smart Assessment

After you have shared the details of the assessee(s) using our wellbeing assessment contact form, Manah’s expert team will contact you to get some basic details. We will then conduct a smart assessment for the person/team to identify their risks and coping skills across nine emotional parameters: relationship, engagement, mastery, autonomy, meaning, optimism, lifestyle, sleep, and mood. This is not a diagnostic tool but an assesment which tells us where each one of us stand.

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Get a quick assessment report & wellbeing score

After the online wellness assessment the assessee(s) will be provided a quick report on where they stand on the emotional wellbeing scale, their strengths, and their areas of improvement. Please note that this is not a diagnostic tool but a wellbeing assessment which tells us where you stand. If the wellness assessment shows any areas of concern, we will recommend further steps (read on to know what they are).

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Consult with an Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Choose a consultation slot with our Emotional Wellbeing Coach who will walk the assessee(s) through the preliminary report and answer their questions about the wellbeing assessment. These coaches are experienced psychologists who will explain the findings of the quick assessment report and your current status on the wellbeing scale.

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Receive your Comprehensive Emotional Wellbeing Report

In the next step, we give the assessee(s) a customised emotional wellbeing report card with their emotional wellbeing status, recommendations for growth, and a user journey for 3-6 months. The recommendations will be in the form of self-care activities, skill-building modules and other emotional wellbeing strategies that can assist in their wellbeing journey.

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Learn how to sustain your progress

Manah’s team will handhold the assessee(s) with emotional wellbeing tools, wellbeing sessions and bootcamps to accomplish their wellbeing goals. Depending on the assessment, we will provide recommendations for mental wellbeing, personal growth, and professional effectiveness to ensure the progress is sustained in the long run.

Are you a Wellbeing Ambassador?

Claim your Wellbeing Ambassador Toolkit, it's for you to read and refer to in order to understand Distress, Disorder, Crisis and Development in the workplace. As an ambassador you will be able to Approach, Attend, Assess, Assist and Advocate for the betterment of the individual and your workplace.


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