Wellbeing Ambassadors

People like you and me who are making workplaces better for all of us by lending a listening ear, going out of their way to make things better and being an ambassador of wellbeing.

Who is a Wellbeing Ambassador?

You have shown exceptional leadership in these unprecedented times

You have set up counseling services for you or your colleagues

You have served as your go-to person for problem solving and guidance

You have made space for employees to have weekly check-ins

You have been a friendly face at a time when you needed them

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Are you a Wellbeing Ambassador? Claim your Wellbeing Ambassador Toolkit

The toolkit is for you to read and refer to in order to understand Distress, Disorder, Crisis and Development in the workplace. As an ambassador you will be able to Approach, Attend, Assess, Assist and Advocate for the betterment of the individual and your workplace.


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Building Emotionally Healthy Workplaces


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