About us.

Workplaces around the world have changed. 

- Every progressive organisation wants to support the emotional wellbeing of employees and is looking for a preventive approach not reactive

- Most companies want to make sure that emotional health support they offer is indeed used by employees and not a tick box activity. 

- Most companies want to train their managers to be capable of supporting their teams when it comes to emotional health

- Every existing and potential employee expects their organisation to provide personalised emotional wellbeing support to them.

Traditional EAP doesn't help as they are reactive, less than 5% utilization and transactional in nature

At Manah, we have built a preventive, proactive and personalised digital platform that is disrupting this market. Our average utilization rate is above 20% which is the best in the industry. 

We work with over 50 organisations to ensure emotional wellbeing across the organisation, that is trusted by HR and loved by employees.

We do that by first finding out where every one stands - with a digital blockchain enabled emotional health check.

Emotional health checks allow us to identify what area each person is struggling with, coping with or thriving. All of this is done in a highly confidential manner so that employee privacy is maintained. At the end of this exercise, both the individual and the organisation received a report.

The individual report is confidential and unique to an individual and has findings along with a plan of action for improvement.

The corporate dashboard is anonymised and aggregated across the organisation to present an overall view of the organisation.

This proactive approach has helped in high levels of employee engagement around emotional health at the workplace. While global standards are less than 7% our clients are seeing upwards of 20% utilization of emotional health support, leading to happier, and engaged employees.

What happens after the emotional health check?

Depending on the results, we recommend customized, proactive interventions for individuals based on our predictive recommendation engine which might include self learning journey on our app, joining a support group or participating in a wellbeing challenge. For specific cases, we may recommend counseling and therapy support as well, delivered by our team of highly qualified psychologists.

For the organisation, a custom engagement calendar is created to build proactive engagement around emotional health, which includes webinars, workshops and wellbeing champions training.

Manah Works closely with the HR team to build the best possible engagement plan for their teams.

In the last two years we have worked with over 50 organisations like Synergy Marine, UBS, GE, Nova Benefits, Ashoka, Sportskeeda and many others to build a culture of wellbeing at their workplace. In addition we work with partners like Wellthy Therapeutics, Coll Poll, Nova, Health Assure and Bajaj Finserv to provide emotional health support to their members via our api integration. 

The best way to get started with us is to schedule an emotional health check for your employees.

In the next 2 years our goal is to support 1 million employees across India and be the largest and most trusted emotional health company, supporting employees online, in person and in the metaverse. 

We have a core team of 20 full time employees and 35 empaneled psychologists. 

Our Team

We are passionate about building a great organisation, for us and for you

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