Introducing Manahverse: Powered by AI. Designed for the workforce.

Manah Wellness has always taken a mental wellbeing forward approach to addressing the challenges of mental wellbeing at the workplace. Through our ACTS Framework (Assessments, Content, Tools and Skilling), we have ensured that we enable the creation of a psychologically safe and emotionally resilient workforce.

Manahverse platform, delivered through an App, is a universe that will enable your employees to lead their life to its full potential. For the first time, there’s a platform that’s relevant for 100% of your employees, irrespective of where they are on their mental wellbeing spectrum. It helps your employees traverse through the four stages of their mental wellbeing journey – explorer, enthusiast, practitioner and champion.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Manahverse will become a personal universe for each of your employees.

Manahverse: The more one uses it, the more personalized it becomes for them

Manahverse uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unparalleled experience to its users.

Using complex data crunching technologies, Manahverse tracks the usage patterns and expressions made by the users in their journal entries and Mood Board to increasingly customize the experience.

Users can collect rich statistics on their past activities and set future goals in their mental wellbeing journey. Manahverse gives them access to such insights respecting the data privacy of the user. No user data is ever shared with anyone, including the organization.

Manahverse: Empowering the organization to stay a step ahead

Manahverse will also have an exclusive corner for the HR professionals (and other custodians of the employee wellbeing program), who wish to collect insights from the usage of the platform across its workforce. In an anonymized manner, Manahverse will give access to such data real-time.

Manahverse: Leading people to live their life to its full potential

Manahverse, through its array of features, puts its subscribers on a journey of mental wellbeing so that they begin to experience their ‘peak moments’ and lead their life to its full potential. Irrespective of the limitations that we might have, or the challenging situations we might be in, with a little discipline and practice on our mental wellbeing, we can have better control of our life and its shining moments.

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