What is included in the LEAP program?

Manah Wellness is keen to work with such organizations like yours and offer you a range of online services that will help you make right decisions on workplace mental wellbeing. Our mental healthcare professionals have carefully curated this package of services so that organizations and their HR team could find answers to their questions and build clarity on how and where to start their employee mental wellbeing program.

Wellbeing Guidebooks

Definitive guides to wellbeing at work, our Guidebooks will get you started with the program. Offering step-by-step guide to several employee wellbeing initiatives, these ebooks should be your first set of resources. 1. Mental Health Policy 2. Step-by-Step Guides 3. Wellbeing Initiatives You and Launch 4. Measuring Engagement

Wellbeing Resources

As one who has been tasked to design a workplace wellbeing program for your organization, we understand your need for information on a range of topics. Our LEAP program brings you such information on the rich media platform. Upon signing in, you will get access to videos that answer your questions and help you build clarity. 1. Articles 2. Videos 3. Blogposts 4. Newsletter

Expert Sessions

Manah Wellness’ LEAP Program will give you free access to our regular sessions designed for HR leaders. These sessions will not only cover a range of topics such as assimilation of workplace mental healthcare but also provide you access to our professionals who are experts in workplace wellbeing. 1. Focused on Workplace Wellbeing 2. Curated Topics by Experts 3. Engaging Content for Employees 4. Sensitization Programs for your Teams

Wellbeing Toolkits

Once you have picked up all the right learnings, we recognize your need to start executing the various initiatives. From writing down a mental healthcare policy to monitoring progress of your programs, we have designed toolkits that will put you on the path to developing a successful workplace wellbeing program. 1. Kickstarting Wellbeing Journey 2. Engaging Employees 3. Monitoring Progress 4. Reporting & Dashboards


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