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Why Return to Work Wellbeing Retreats?

For employers, reopening the workplace after a REALLY long time means hours spent agonising through lengthy checklists. Like this one, perhaps... 1. Premises sanitised and sparkling clean? Check. 2. Employees vaccinated? Check. 3. Handwashing and mask-wearing signs posted? Check. 4. Welcome-back party planned? Check and check! But wait. Does your checklist have a plan to assuage anxious employees? Those who have experienced grief or mental health issues over the last 18 months? Or those who have simply ‘disconnected’ mentally from their work and/or colleagues? Studies show that a number of returning employees have reported a decline in mental health. Many are even ready to quit their jobs if forced to go back to the physical workplace! It’s called the ‘Great Resignation’, and it's very much a reality. So one thing’s clear. Rather than a ‘hard reset’, you need to emotionally prepare your teams for a seamless and sensitive transition to the physical workplace. Manah Wellness’ Return to Work Retreat for enterprises provides the perfect bridge between the remote and physical workplace. This six-hour event will be conducted at an off-site location near the city, and will involve workshops and activities aimed at:

Reaffirming your company’s values and commitment to people’s health and happiness

Rebuilding positive and empathic connections among teams

Creating awareness around emotionally healthy practices at work and home

Discussing productivity and teamwork-boosting strategies

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Break the Ice

- Welcoming participants, - Setting the context and Ice breaking activities. - To allow the team to get comfortable and regain the bond with some light fun. Setting the intention and aim for the day and for their own wellbeing

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up!

- An interactive session on how to befriend your stress to manage it. - Demands of life pull us all in different directions requiring time and energy that we don’t always have. Identifying healthy stress and managing stressful times effectively.

Mind Your Step!

- An outdoor activity for teams to cross a field avoiding all the hurdles. - Team Building to increase Employee Motivation and nurture company culture Develop listening and communication skills. Practice mindful focus

Overcoming Challenges

- Activity based interactive session to support the team with resources within self and others - To deal with emotional challenges such as- apprehension and concern regarding the wellbeing of loved ones Equip yourself with tools and strategies to overcome challenges

Treasure Hunt Relay

- Revisit previous experiences of social jamborees with this outdoor game focused on team building. - Team Building enhances employee motivation and sets up a successful company culture. Releasing ‘Happy Hormones’ and recreating the level of comfort between team mates.

Gratitude Circle

- An interactive activity to help identify aspects worth complimenting within self and others - To achieve a culture of respect and acknowledge positive attributes among team members Identifying skills within yourself and building a deeper bond within the team

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