The Manah Wellness Assessment Tool is the first step to improving emotional wellbeing.

The assessment generates a report that is emailed to the employee. The individual report is confidential and unique to an individual

The report contains a link for scheduling a one-on-one call with an expert

The expert will go deeper into the report and discuss lifestyle, stress, and concerns and offer personalized advice based on the risks identified in the report

Manah Wellness understands the importance of right information in building decision-making capabilities among your employees on mental wellbeing. From educating them, keeping them well-informed, hand-holding them to giving them access to the right tools and techniques, delivering relevant and valuable content will help your employees contribute to creating a psychologically safe work environment.

Manah Wellness has been developing innovative platforms to curate and disseminate content on a wide range of subjects that can help your employees in their mental wellbeing journey. Our capability to develop content across formats has helped our customer organizations deliver valuable information and guidance to their employees through their internal communication channels. It has helped them significantly enhance employee engagement on mental wellbeing.

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