Challenges in the industry that we address

Employees can be negatively impacted by work-related stress leading to poor work-life balance, burnout, breakdowns, and more due to a multitude of reasons like lack of support, bullying, harassment, gaslighting, and job insecurity – all of which create an unsafe work environment.

Because of cultural taboos, many people hesitate to ask for help, minimize their own suffering, and cannot recognize symptoms of underlying issues. They often struggle to segregate personal and professional life and draw boundaries. Promoting mental wellbeing awareness builds enhanced employee satisfaction.

Empowering the workforce with wellness

Every single one of us could be at any point along the emotional healthcare spectrum, from feeling down in the dumps to feeling awesome. The first step toward healing is the courage to seek help.

Just as plants require sunlight, water, and love, our minds need self-care, positive relationships, and healthy habits to thrive. Manah Healthcare collaborates with companies to build ecosystems for their employees, fostering optimal performance, work-life balance, and job satisfaction.

Continuous wellbeing | 360°approach always

Manah Wellness solutions are built with the ecosystem as a whole in mind, not just the emotionally vulnerable individual. Manah Wellness solutions and offerings address the most fundamental, social, and unspoken challenges of people in their journey of emotional health and wellbeing.

Emotional health is not just about taking care of ourselves, but also about creating a supportive community that can help us weather life's storms.

The LEAP Program

For organizations that are ready to take the first steps to employee mental wellbeing

The LEAP program by Manah Wellness is a free program that provides resources and guidance to HR departments to establish workplace wellbeing programs. LEAP provides guidebooks, expert sessions, rich media resources, and toolkits to help organizations start and track their workplace wellbeing programs. It benefits organizations by providing a foundation to address employee emotional wellness, improve productivity, and foster a positive workplace culture. If your company has not yet embarked on the journey to emotional wellness, then our LEAP program is for you.

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The most exhaustive range of employee wellbeing offerings

ACTS is Manah Wellness's comprehensive approach to promoting emotional wellness in the workplace. It comprises four sections: Assessments, Content, Tools, and Skilling, designed to help employees assess their emotional wellbeing, access reliable resources and training, and create a more productive and resilient workplace culture. With emotional check-in tools, a vast repository of reliable emotional health collateral, skilling tools, and the Dashboard tool for understanding the emotional climate, ACTS provides the tools and resources necessary for employees to take control of their emotional wellbeing and build a healthier, more productive workplace culture.

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The platform that’s relevant for 100% of your employees

Manah Wellness brings you Manahverse, a platform that has been designed for every employee. Delivered as an App, Manahverse will transform your employee mental wellbeing program. With a rich information pool, well-curated tools, and several other fascinating features, Manahverse will become the mental wellbeing universe of your employees, wherever they are on their mental wellbeing journey. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this one-of-its-kind App meets all the needs of your employee mental wellbeing.

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Optimizing mental wellness

Creating processes and implementing impactful measures that encourage employees to have work-life balance

Build wellbeing skillset

Empowering people with proven techniques and resourcing various stakeholders to help build a thriving employee ecosystem

Always there to lend a hand

Helping organizations develop and execute a long-term employee mental healthcare program

Mental health readiness

Enhancing the preparedness levels of people in dealing with emotional health issues

Wellbeing awareness

Deliver knowledge of the need to prioritize mental health to employees

Healthy minds for a thriving workplace

Individuals, organizations, and the community have a curative approach to finding solutions for emotional health issues. Organizations need to take a comprehensive approach to understand the actual state of an employee’s emotional health. Manah Wellness meets your people where they are and sticks around even after they have overcome the situation. We affect change by impacting the entire ecosystem.

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