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We help progressive organisations like Nova Benefits, Synergy Marine, Hella, GAR, Video Volunteers, UBS, Clinikk and Infilect build a "Culture of Wellbeing"

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Join Wellbeing Support Groups

Support Groups help us all in dealing with various life situations

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Join hundreds of people who are developing skills to become Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions at work

Building a Culture of Wellbeing at Your Organisation

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We run multiple initiatives to help our clients build emotionally healthy workplaces

Manah Conversations

Leadership Conversations around Wellbeing at the Workplace. Join Us

Wellbeing Resources

Insightful resources for Wellbeing at the Workplace. Read More

Wellbeing Sessions

Live and facilitated sessions on wellbeing and workplaces. Join Us

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Nominate and Celebrate Wellbeing Ambassadors. Nominate

World Mental Health Day

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Our Services

Emotional Wellbeing Assessments

Get Insights into employee wellbeing by doing periodic emotional check-ins

Emotional Wellbeing Strategies

Facilitate awareness & Engagement with facilitated webinars and workshops

Build Resilient Teams at the Workplace

Build resilience by training your teams and managers on managing emotional health

Community of Wellbeing Ambassadors

Build & support a community of wellbeing champions at your organisation

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The Definitive Guide to Employee Wellbeing

The Definitive Guide to Employee Wellbeing

This exhaustive guide will introduce you to workplace wellbeing strategies and tools that you can use to build a holistic programme that is scientific, proactive, and preventive, and which enables your team to thrive.

How a comprehensive well-being programme works

A systematic approach to promote employee wellbeing at work

Common mistakes made by organisations on the well-being journey

Ensuring your wellness programme’s stickiness in the long run


Demo Class on Managing Stress

Psychologist Shivani Chauhan guides you through this short exercise and guide to manage stress.

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We support Startups & Non-Profits

Reach out to us learn how we work with startups like Nova Benefits, Lemnisk, Clinikk and support non-profits like Video Volunteers, Jeevantirth, Ashoka India and others.

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About Manah Wellness

Manah Wellness is a B2B Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Services provider that helps organisations


Provides preventive, proactive, and personalised solutions for employees’ emotional and mental health, wellness, and professional growth


Enables HR managers and corporate leaders to make more informed decisions with aggregated and anonymous data


Empowers employees to track, assess, and understand their wellbeing, and how it changes over time


Builds capacity within the organisation and delivers a 20% increase in engagement and utilisation rates.